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Commodity Fetishism

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Commodity Fetishism shorts the +12, -12, and GND pins of your eurorack system's power supply together via an SPST switch. This in all likelyhood will destroy your power supply and, depending on a wide variety of factors, either at minimum damage most of your pre-existing modules or at the worst destroy them outright.

Wildfire Laboratories has no way of fully determining the result of you flipping the switch - we can, however, confirm that the switch used is rated up to 126 volts at 6 amps - far greater than any eurorack system can supply. We can thus say with confidence that the module will perform as intended and create the aforementioned connection.

Wildfire Laboratories bears absolutely no responsibility for the result of using this module. By purchasing this device you confirm that you have read this documentation and fully understand the results of using this device as intended.